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  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Member of ISF

Facility Management & Security Services


Efficiently managed environment is always a key attribute for every success of your company. Well-maintained business environment helps to improve productivity, happiness quotient and employee morale. Onerouf assures you of a hassle free, hygienic and happy work environment. Having one point of contact and fewer management levels, means the lines of communication are shorter and the administrative process is made simpler. We provide world class service to the local markets. Our founding business principal is think local act global. We provide cutting edge and latest facility management services to our clients. Our dynamic business model helps us to constantly innovate and evolve to suits your needs. We strive to help you achieve your desired standard of excellence.


We offer you a best in class security services. We always provide you with smart, professional security personnel for all types of Industry across segments.

We deliver security services with high standards and advanced/organized processes which are benchmarked with global standards. Our security personnel’s are well trained and equipped to handle all kinds of emergency situations. We offer special training programs to our security staff on regular intervals.


Onerouf caters for varied industries, residential complexes and many commercial establishments. Our team have necessary expertise and experience in providing the best commercial cleaning services for Factories & Industrial units, Educational Institutions, Commercial Offices & complexes including shopping malls Hospitals , Hotels, Banks, IT & Financial Institutions, Retail outlets etc.

Our services can be provided individually or as part of an integrated solution as per requirements . Our multi-skilled staff deal with all of the factors to keep your property and workplace clean and tidy whilst generally helping to maintain and improve the performance of your business.


Pantry Services


Waste Management



Guest House Management

Warehouse Management